Roll bar
Latest innovative design of roll bar to protect the car cabin
Slide the roof back to be the hardtop and available to pass the toll/express way (in thailand)
Roof Carrier
On the top of the slide bar available to loading the merchandise to increase
the loading capacity in the truck bed and on the slide bar roof
Heat Reduction
When slide to the front, it will be cover over the pickup cabin. The heat cannot effect direct into the pickup cabin. The
hot temperature will reduce and the air-con will be less working.

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Remote Control ,
with LED light
Motor Electric Unit,
the slide bar will control the sliding to
front/back by motor electric
Slide Bar Logo
Roof Carrier,
the design of the roof of slide bar
is ready to use as the  roof basket carrier

Aluminum Roof Rail,
for tie the merchandise on the roof
The 3rd Break light,
with the Super Bright LED
Metal Reinforce,
inside the GRP reinforce with the metal frame
to increase the strength of the GRP structure
(GRP : Glass Fiber Reinforce Plastic)
Khick Klamp,
for fitting without drilling on the truck bed
Moving Rail Track ,
from aluminum “A” grade. To control
the moving direction of the roof bar
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